Atos Cloud Platform

The Atos CloudPlatform delivers a powerful platform that runs on many infrastructure stacks. We can provide Services out of our Atos Datacenters as well as via the common public cloud offerings (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services). Even combinations are possible.
The platform allows a high degree of platform automation as well as numerous customization options. It is the perfect service layer to run your business applications in a flexible, compliant and cost efficient way.

Figure 1: Atos Cloud Platform Services - Portfolio

Worldwide Locations

The picture below shows our concept to support global customers via our worldwide datacenter and team structures. We can provide "follow the sun" scenarios to support worldwide applications with high availability requirements. Also regional support (dedicated citizens of a specific country) is available.

Figure 2: Worldwide Locations

Service Levels

Our Service Levels can be adopted to many different kinds of customer requirements. We allow specific - business criticality oriented - SLAs and support a broad range of defintions and reporting paths.
In case no further preferences are known, we can recommend this standard service level matrix.

Figure 3: Sample Service Levels

Atos Enterprise Extensions

On top of the platform operations, we provide a set of extensions to extend business functions. These modules bridge the gap between business requirements and the capabilities of standards software. Especially on SharePoint Applications, we provide very powerful add-ons.
Our development and customization services allow precise adjustment of these standard components to all kinds of business requirements.

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